Amanda C. Riley Lied About Having Cancer

Amanda C. Riley

In a shocking case that highlights the depths of deception, Amanda C Riley audacious seven-year-long scheme of faking cancer has come to light. The story, which unfolded in California, involves a web of lies, social media manipulation, and unsuspecting donors who were swindled out of more than $100,000. Riley’s intricate deception is now the focus of a new podcast, “Scamanda,” that delves into the details of her elaborate scheme. In this article, we provide an overview of the startling events surrounding Amanda C Riley’s cancer scam and the subsequent legal consequences she faced.

Amanda C. Riley Lied About Having Cancer

The Web of Deception Unraveled

Amanda C Riley’s deceitful journey began in October 2012 when she launched a blog titled “Lymphoma Can Suck It.” Through this platform, Riley detailed a harrowing account of her supposed battle with Hodgkin’s lymphoma. The tale was designed to solicit donations from well-intentioned individuals who believed their contributions were going towards her medical expenses.

Amanda C. Riley

Social Media Fabrication

To bolster her fabricated narrative, Riley took her deception to social media. She created profiles on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, where she shared images of her supposed journey through cancer treatment. Her manipulative efforts extended to shaving her head, providing photographic “evidence” of her hair loss during chemotherapy.

Exploiting Kindness

Amanda C. Riley elaborate scam preyed on the genuine kindness of those who wished to support her in her alleged fight against cancer. She received donations through various channels, including online platforms and in-person fundraisers, each fueled by the sympathy of those who believed they were aiding a person in need.

Unraveling the Scam

Ultimately, Amanda C. Riley scheme was exposed by an anonymous tip received by an investigative producer. The truth emerged that she was not using the donations for medical expenses but rather depositing the funds into her personal bank accounts to cover her living expenses.

Legal Consequences

In May 2022, Amanda C. Riley was sentenced to five years in prison after pleading guilty to one count of wire fraud. The charges encompassed her fraudulent solicitation of donations through social media platforms and other means. Her actions not only deceived her community but also shook the trust of those who had supported her.

Amanda C. Riley

A Podcast Unveils the Full Story

The story of Amanda C. Riley cancer scam is now being retold in the podcast “Scamanda.” Hosted by journalist Charlie Webster and produced by Lionsgate Sound, the podcast delves into the psychological complexities of Riley’s manipulation and the shock it left in the San Jose community.


Amanda C. Riley Lied About Having Cancer The case of Amanda C. Riley cancer scam serves as a stark reminder of the potential consequences of deception in the digital age. Her actions not only affected her own life but also the lives of those who genuinely believed in her struggle. As listeners tune into the “Scamanda” podcast, the full scope of Riley’s elaborate scheme is unveiled, offering insights into the psychology behind such deceitful actions and the impact they can have on individuals and communities.




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