Lombok vs Bali | which island to visit for your Indonesian holiday?

Lombok vs Bali

Lombok vs Bali make up two of the most popular Indonesian travel destinations. Although the islands are close neighbors, they are still very different. Lombok is often considered to be a more peaceful alternative to Bali. Its unspoiled landscapes and majestic waterfalls, as well as the lure of climbing Mount Rinjani entice travelers, while Bali charms them with its rich Balinese tradition, vibrant markets, and lively nightlife.

Bali is a popular destination for tourists who are looking for a variety of experiences. Its vibrant culture, beautiful beach and lively nightlife attract visitors seeking an array of different experiences. Lombok, on the other hand, offers a laid-back and serene atmosphere, with uncrowned beaches and fewer crowds. Lombok vs Bali both have stunning beaches. However, Bali has a more developed infrastructure, with more resorts, restaurants and attractions. Lombok beaches are often quieter and offer a more secluded atmosphere.

Which is the best place to go on vacation? Compare Lombok vs. Bali to see what each has to offer.

Which Island Do You Prefer, Lombok VS Bali?

Let’s first compare the nature of Lombok vs. Bali. You’ve probably seen both Bali and Lombok in Eat Pray Love, on Instagram or online. Compare the beach, mountains, clubbing/night life, international events, food, accessibility, accommodation, and culture activities.

Which island do you prefer, Lombok vs. Bali?


Lombok beaches vs Bali beaches

Bali’s beautiful beaches are covered in cafes, beach clubs, restaurants, and more. It’s a wonderful sight to enjoy the sea and sand from a busy building. You won’t find as many natural, quiet beaches on the island.

Lombok beaches are known for their natural beauty. In the South-East, you can find the Pink Beach Lombok. Continue south and you’ll come across Tanjung Aan Beach as well as the newly developed Kuta Beach and Selong Belanak. Senggigi Beach is located in the West. Lombok has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, thanks to its numerous bays.


Lombok Mountain vs Bali Mountains

Mount Batur is a great option for beginners as it only has a height 1,717m. Gunung Agung, a majestic active volcano on the island, is a great option for more experienced adventurers. The elevation is 3,031 meters.

Mount Rinjani, on Lombok, has been the top destination for mountaineers since long. Gunung Rinjani, Indonesia’s second highest volcano is 3,726 meters above sea level. The mountain can be scaled using a variety of hiking trails that offer different scenery.


Despite being geographically close, their cultures are vastly different. Bali is dominated primarily by Balinese Hinduism. You will often see a beautiful parade or ceremony with people in beautifully-dressed clothes. Nyepi, a day of silence that takes place in March on the island, is unique. They also celebrate Galungan or Kuningan once or twice a yearly.

Lombok, on the other hand, is the home of Sasak tribes with a majority Muslim population. The island is also known as the “Island of a Thousand Mosques”, due to its more than 4000 places of worship. South Lombok hosts the Bau Nyale Festival, which is inspired by the Mandalika Myth. The festival is held every year on a night of full moon in either February or March.



Lombok offers a similar range of activities to Bali. Surfing, clubbing and trekking are popular activities. The infrastructure and facilities are also different. We’ll compare the facilities and infrastructure of the two islands to help you decide which the best fit is.


Bali is a great place to experience a vibrant nightlife. Potato Head Beach Club is one of the best party spots in Bali.

There are some Lombok Beach bars on the mainland. In general, there is not much nightlife. Gili Trawangan will give you a wild night. This island isn’t called a party destination for nothing.

International Events

Bali is often the host of major international events. In 2022, Bali will host the G20 Conference. Nusa Dua is also a popular destination for royal families. Balinale, or the Bali International Film Festival, is also a popular destination.

Lombok has only recently begun hosting international events. Mandalika MotoGP will be attended by thousands of fans in March 2022. Mandalika Lombok will be back on the schedule in 2022 due to the success of its first edition.


In terms of food, Lombok vs. Bali are in a fierce battle. The Balinese kingdom played an important role in Lombok’s history. We can see that both Lombok and Bali have some similarities when it comes to visuals, ingredients, spices etc.

Taliwang of Lombok against Betutu of Bali? Or Sate Pusut vs Sate Lilit? Like Indonesian cuisine generally. Bali and Lombok dishes are often full of complex spices and seasonings, and they tend to be hot.

Due to religious beliefs, Lombok uses beef instead of pork in many Balinese dishes. Try babi-guling, satay-lilit and tipat cantok in Bali. In Lombok, try ayam Taliwang, sate Rembiga, sate Rembiga, and pusut Sate. There are vegan options for these traditional dishes from Bali or Lombok.

You should compare both, even though some are similar. Bali and Lombok are both unique, so neither is better.


You can travel to Lombok by air and sea. Land and sea travel can take you from Bali to Lombok within 6 hours. You can travel by boat to Lombok from Bali from a number of ports on the island. Some of these boats can be rented out for a trip with family members or friends.

You can also choose to fly between the islands in 40 minutes. Bali is easily accessible, as it was the first place where tourism took off. Lombok, which is still developing its international flights, has many international flight routes.

In Bali, accessibility and mobility are still developing. Ride sharing apps such as Gojek or Grab can be used to travel the whole island. Public buses are available with reliable schedules and at an affordable price. Lombok is now the focus of the Indonesian Government. Lombok has been intensively developed to improve accessibility.



Let’s finish with the topic of accommodations during your visit to Lombok and Bali. Its infrastructure has been built over many decades. There are many different types of accommodation, including hotels, hostels, and homestays. The roads are often crowded due to their high density. You should allow enough time to travel, even for short distances.

There are fewer options for accommodation in Lombok. The hotels are more spread out. Despite the longer distances, you can easily and quickly travel from your hotel to the local attractions. Also, you don’t need to worry about noise from your neighbors. You can relax in the hills between Lombok Beach and Amazing Lombok Resort.


This comparison of Lombok vs. Bali is concluded. Lombok offers a relaxing, but rich holiday. If you are unsure, you can travel easily between the islands. Lombok is a great place to visit for an Indonesian vacation.




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