What Is Olife Choice On Oceania Cruises: What You Need To Know

What Is Olife Choice On Oceania Cruises: What You Need To Know

Oceania Cruises has a special program called OLife Choice that is available to guests who book certain categories of staterooms. Olife Choice On Oceania Cruises‘ experience by offering a range of complimentary amenities.

Oceania Cruises provides unmatched luxury, personalized service, and OLife amenities are about to make it even better. Choose one of these amazing additions for a limited period. There is something for everyone, from shore excursions to beverage and onboard credit packages. What is Olife Choice on Oceania Cruises all about? Here are some things you should know.

OLife Choice offers upgraded options for guests who want an extra special experience. These include an exclusive gourmet package and a variety of luxurious suites. Gourmet dining packages include a variety of multi-course meals created by renowned chefs at discounted rates. Enjoy luxury suites that include a butler and other premium services.

What Is Olife Choice On Oceania Cruises Things To Know?

What Is Olife Choice On Oceania Cruises Things To Know?

 What is Olife Choice On Oceania Cruises Things to consider when booking Oceania Cruises OLife Choice offers guests an exceptional level of service, amenities and comfort while exploring some of the most exciting destinations in the world. The cruise offers a wide range of amenities, activities and services that will make your trip truly memorable.

OLife Choice offers a variety of complimentary services and perks that allow guests to customize their experience according to their preferences. All OLife Choice Cruises include free round-trip air, unlimited internet, free shore excursions at select ports, and the option to choose between a complimentary beverage package or an onboard credit. Olife Choice On Oceania Cruises. Other onboard benefits include access to the spa and fitness centre discounts in onboard shops and dining, and reduced rates for children and third and fourth passengers sharing a stateroom.

Features Of Olife Choice:

OLife Choice has the following key features:

1. Shore Excursions Included In Cruise Fare: Guests are entitled to complimentary shore excursions. The number of complimentary excursions is determined by the length of your cruise and the category of staterooms you have booked.

2. Free Drink Package: This package offers guests unlimited soft drinks, teas & coffees as well as alcoholic beverages.

3. Free Shipboard-Credit: OLife choice includes shipboard credit per stateroom. This allows guests to use it for purchases onboard, such as spa treatments, special dining, shopping other activities.

4. Amenities Vary Based On Stateroom Category: Benefits provided by OLife Choice may differ depending on the booked category of room. Staterooms in higher categories often come with more amenities and perks.

5. Flexibility & Customization: OLife Choice guests have the flexibility to customize their experience. Choose from a variety of shore excursions, beverage packages, and shipboard credits to meet their needs.

6. Cruise Destinations & Itineraries: The OLife Choice program is available for Oceania Cruises’ itineraries. This allows guests to take advantage of the benefits while they explore the different destinations offered by Oceania Cruises.

7. Booking Conditions And Availability: The availability of OLife Choice can vary depending on the cruise, sailing date, and availability of staterooms. OLife Choice may not be available on all sailings or in every category of stateroom

The program is designed to make the experience of cruising more enjoyable and inclusive by offering guests additional amenities and options. Olife Choice On Oceania Cruises should read the terms and conditions for the cruise they choose to make sure they are aware of the limitations and inclusions. To gain a better understanding of Oceania Cruises read this article on what is life choices on Oceania cruises


Oceania Cruises, one of the leading cruise lines in the world, is known for its culinary experiences and inspirational destinations. What is Olife Choice on Oceania Cruises? What is the Olife Choice experience on Oceania Cruises? Here is what you need to know. Oceania Cruises has a program named OLife Choice. This is a package that guests who book certain categories of staterooms can take advantage of. OLife Choice was designed to enhance guests’ cruise experience by offering a range of complimentary amenities.




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