What Is The Longest Flight In The World

What Is The Longest Flight In The World

The trend of long-hour flights is on the rise. More and more airlines are introducing routes that cover longer distances. The increase in bookings is a testament to this. The increase in long-hour flights could be due to several reasons. Although profit is the obvious motive of Airlines, there are several reasons why passengers choose long-hour flights.

What is The Longest Flight In The World? How long is it? This question has never crossed your mind. You have come to the right place if you still need an answer.

Many of us have taken flights to travel between different parts of the country or the world. We prefer shorter distances. It can be exhausting to travel long distances in a plane, even though you’re just sitting.

Continue reading to the end of this article to learn more about the world’s longest flights.

What Is The Longest Flight In The World? The Top 15 Longest Flights Around The Globe

What Is The Longest Flight In The World? The Top 15 Longest Flights Around The Globe

Airlines now own state-of-the-art aircraft, which have improved and streamlined the air travel experience. The newly equipped aircraft are more reliable and passengers book them easier. Boeing Dreamliner is an excellent example. Check out what is The Longest Flight In The World. Here are the top 15 longest flights in the world.

1. Singapore To New York

The longest flight in history is from Singapore to New York, which takes 17 hours and 50 minutes. The model is the Airbus A350, which was discontinued for various reasons. During the pandemic, it flew to fewer destinations. The Longest Flight In The World. With the pandemic in decline, the Singapore Airbus A350 is now able to cover its 18-hour journey, making it the longest flight. It covers a distance of approximately 9537 miles. Singapore Airlines, after reporting after the pandemic, has once again regained the title of longest flight.

2. Singapore To Newark Airport (EWR).

Singapore Airlines maintains the competition by occupying the second place in the longest non-stop commercial flight. Singapore Airlines flies from Newark (EWR) to Newark(EWR), covering 9523 miles over 17 hours and 50 minutes. The distance between the two longest flights is only a few extra miles, but the timing remains the same. Singapore Airlines, however, has worked on the flight format for its US routes. Understanding passenger demand and interest in “What’s The Longest Flight In The World?” This helps airlines understand the market preference for long-distance flights.

3. Qantas Perth To London

What is The Longest Flight In The World? Qantas Airlines covers the third-longest distance in the entire world, covering 9008.63 miles. The Boeing 787-9 takes 17 hours for this long flight. Boeing 787-9 aircraft is one of the modern aircraft that are equipped with necessities for passengers. This aircraft reduces jet lag and ear blockage.

4. Qantas’ Melbourne To Dallas

It’s like achieving two consecutive positions on the longest flight series in the world. Qantas Airlines is responsible for the third and fourth flights.  The Longest Flight In The World from Melbourne to Dallas takes 17 hours 50 minutes and covers 8992 miles. The Boeing 787-9 is used to fly this journey. Boeing 787-9 is the leading aircraft in long-haul flights.

5. Auckland To New York

Auckland To New York

Air New Zealand Airlines earns fifth place in the category of longest flights. Air New Zealand will achieve fifth place in the category of The Longest Flight In The World by flying non-stop 17 hours. Boeing 787-9 is expected to travel a distance of 8828 miles within 15 hours and 55 minutes. This route will not be launched until 2023.

6. Dubai To Auckland

Emirates Airlines’ Airbus A380 is responsible for flying 8824 miles over 17 hours and 5 minutes. It holds the sixth place in the rankings of the longest flights. The flight lands at AKL Airport from Dubai DXB.

7. Singapore To Los Angeles

Singapore Airlines, on a flight to LAX from Singapore, has once again established its position as the longest airline in the world. The 8770-mile distance is covered in 17 hours, and 10 minutes. The Longest Flight In The World. Singapore Airlines covers the route with the Airbus A350 900.

8. Bangalore To San Francisco

Air India Airlines is a remarkable addition to The Longest Flight In The World with no layovers. Air India Airlines flies Boeing 777-200 LR from Bangalore to San Francisco covering 8701 miles in 17 hours and 40 minutes.

9. Houston to Sydney

United Airlines flies another Boeing 787-9 8596 miles over 17 hours and 35 minutes. United Airlines holds the ninth place in the world’s longest non-stop flight. The journey begins at IAH and ends at Sydney SYD Airport.

10. Sydney To Dallas

Qantas has proven it is a competitive airline by appearing again on the list of the top 10 non-longest flights in the World. The airline ranks 10th by flying from Sydney to Dallas within 15 hours and five minutes. The Boeing 787-9 covers 8576 miles during this period. The media often asks “What’s The Longest Flight In The World?” Aviation achievements and landmarks capture public interest.

11. Manila To New York

Philippine Airlines has entered the 11th flight number for the Manila to New York Route. The Airbus A350 900 aircraft flies this route, which has a distance of 8520 miles. Flying time from Manila to New York takes 15 hours and 25 minutes.

12. Singapore To San Francisco

Singapore To San Francisco

Singapore Airlines has achieved a new milestone by securing the fourth longest flight route in the world. United Airlines shares the 12th place with Singapore Airlines. The Longest Flight In The World. Both airlines covered 8446 miles over 14 hours 30 minutes.

The aircraft that both airlines use are different. Singapore Airlines and United Airlines both use Boeing 787-9 aircraft to fly from San Francisco. Commercial airlines use both aircraft for long-haul flights.

13. Atlanta To Johannesburg

Delta Airlines covers the 8439-mile distance in 15 hours and 20 minutes. This is the thirteenth route that Delta Airlines has covered.

14. Dubai To Los Angeles

Emirates Airlines has claimed the fourteenth place in the world’s longest non-stop commercial flight. Airbus 380 takes 16 hours, and 15 minutes to fly the 8339-mile distance.  The topic “What is The Longest Flight In The World?” can stimulate curiosity about what passengers and crew experience during such long journeys.

15. Los Angeles To Jeddah

Boeing 777-300 ER flies passengers from Jeddah, Saudi Arabia to Los Angeles. This allows Saudi Airlines to reach the milestone of 15th place in the list of longest non-stop commercial flights in the world. It takes approximately 16 hours and 50 minutes to fly passengers from Jeddah, Saudi Arabia to Los Angeles.

These are the 15 longest nonstop flights in history. They take 12-14 hours to fly. These flights take as little time as possible. The time taken by flights with layovers and connecting flights is much greater. It is for this reason that people are beginning to appreciate the long hours of flight.

From the Airlines’ point of view, they can carry passengers over a longer period without having to clean or rearrange everything for the next group of passengers. This adds to the costs for airlines. These long-hour flights, which are both cost-effective and well-liked by passengers, The Longest Flight In The World will continue to be popular for a long time. These will instead grow enormously. Configure the top 15 commercial airlines that fly for long hours to earn revenue.

How Long Is The Longest Flight?

How Long Is The Longest Flight?

The longest nonstop flight in the world is currently the route from New York to Singapore. Singapore Airlines’ route is the longest nonstop flight in the world. It covers a distance of 15,349km, and takes almost 19 hours to fly.


The question, “The Longest Flight In The World” The world of ultra-long-haul flights has captured the attention of curious minds, aviation enthusiasts, and travelers. In January 2022, various routes held the title for the longest flight. Singapore Airlines’ service from Singapore to Newark covered a distance of more than 9,000 miles and took approximately 18-19 hours. The aviation landscape is constantly changing, and airlines are always innovating, introducing new routes that could change the title of the longest flight.

The inquiry into the longest flights not only delved into aviation technicalities, such as aircraft capabilities and fuel economy but also sparked discussions on the endurance of crew and passengers during long journeys. The logistics of these flights include route planning, crossing time zones, and amenities onboard that ensure comfort for long travel periods.




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